Friday, April 06, 2007

My First Birfday

Momma says that today is my first birfday. I'm not too sure what that means, but she says she's baking a cake and my friends Max and Sissy are coming over. She says we're gonna have a party and I'm gonna get some presents, and I know what that word means! WooHoo!! This birfday thing might be fun! Momma's gonna post some pictures of the party later.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Meet Zoe!

O-k, we're a little behind...Meet my new sis, Zoe! She came to us in January from one of momma's friends. (Aunt Launi, we luvs ya!)She's older than me, but I'm bigger! We love to burn around the backyard and box in the living room. I've already taught her how much fun it is to dig in da mud and try to eat momma's shoes. Momma doesn't like that too much tho.
We've been busy. I'm in intermediate obedience now and momma keeps sayin something about pulling her hair out. I don't know why she'd wanna do that. There's just so much to see and do at class. Momma says I get distracted too easy. I just wanna play!
Zoe's learning all my tricks and I hafta share my treats with her. But that's o-k as long as I get some too! She even taught me how to sneak up on the bed! Ya see, we don't hafta sleep in our crates no more since we're so good. We have these really nice cushy beds next to momma's. And we pretend like we're gonna sleep there. Hehehe...once we know momma is good and asleep, we both sneak up there with her and snuggle. Hey, if Gizmo gets to do it, so should we! We've gotten really good at not waking momma when we sneak up there. So now we get the people bed almost every night!
Well, time to run around outside. The weather is great! And the backyard is just muddy enough to do some really good digging! WooHoo!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Help Pepino get his knee surgery!

This is Pepino. He is about 8-1/2 months old and belongs to a Boxer lover friend I found on the Boxer Crazy Forum. He is suffering from arthritis caused by Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease in both knees and Hip Displaysia.

Our forum is starting a fundraiser for Pepino. You can choose from t-shirts, mousepads, mugs and more. Please check out our "Boxer Crazy Charity Shop" and know that all proceeds will be helping to pay for Pepino's knee surgeries.

Christmas Tag

Well, two of my new friends, Baily and Lola, tagged me. I have to think of 3 things I want for Christmas and 3 things I don't want for Christmas. Hmmm, lemme see

Well, I want:

1. Treats! Treats! and more Treats! (That's 3 things, right?)
2. A great big, juicy steak!
3. To run down the street and play with the other doggies again!

I don't want:

1. Momma to tell me to get offa her bed no more
2. To wear that silly bandana like Gizmo has
3. Momma and Papa to make me quit diggin in the's so much fun!

Well, I'm gonna tag Zoe-N-Dex, Poseidon, Hanna Banana, Bugsy, and Beasley

Woohoo, and Merry Christmas everydoggy!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I didn't like this Santa!

Momma & Papa took us to PetSmart today. I usually love to go there. We always get yummy treats and lots of people lovin on us. And my buddy Adam works there, he's my trainer and I like him a lot!

Well, Momma made us sit with this guy! I'm pretty new to this whole "Santa Claus" thing, but I'm pretty sure he's not the real one! I really did not want to stay by this guy and no way was I going to put my back to him!! Momma and Papa kept talking to me and giving me lots of treats, so I finally sat down long enough for the nice lady to take my picture. But when she went to take another one, I decided I wanted my momma!

Momma says I'll still get lots of good stuff from the real Santa cuz he knows I was just scared of this guy. I mean, geez, he looks kinda funny, huh? Gizmo's been through this a few times, so he just sat on the Santa's lap and momma gave him some of my treats! Maybe next year I'll try harder.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Well, my friend Beasley tagged me so now it's my turn to tell you all 6 weird things about me...

1. I will do ANYTHING for cheese! Really, anything! I love the stuff!!

2. When I get on the couch, I like to lay right on top of Gizmo. He growls a lot, but I'm bigger and so I just don't move. Sometimes he will look at momma like he's saying "save me" and momma kinda laughs and makes me move.

3. I like to lay right at my papa's feet and let out an SBD (silent but deadly) fart. Momma always fusses at papa cuz she thinks it was him!! hehehe

4. I love to chew on my momma's shoes. She kinda fusses me for it, but I think they're yummy! I've chewed up three pairs so far!! Pretty good, huh?!

5. If anybody goes in that people room where they potty, I have to go too. If they close the door I will paw at it and Wooohoo until they open it again! I must be everywhere the people are!

6. I love to go for rides in mommas expolorer. But when we get home again, I won't get out! I lay there on the backseat with my most pitifulest face and don't move until my papa has to come carry me into the house!

Well, ther you go! I'm not that weird, huh? Well, now I'm gonna tag Bugsy, Tyson, and Amber's bunch!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy late Thanksgiving!!

Well, it's been a few days since mom let me get on here. She's always hoggin the 'puter and sendin my pictures to all the family.

Let's see...for updates. Mom rescued another Boxer. Her name is Sadie. She's around 8 years old and likes to cuddle with me. She went to Boxer Rescue after she spent about a week with us.

Jessi found her fur-ever home! She went home on Thanksgiving. She has a new daddy to take her lotsa places and even skin-kids to play with! We're gonna get to visit lots cuz she's gonna live really close.

So now it's just back to me and Gizmo. Oh, and we get to go to the dog park every Sunday! That's lots of fun! Me and Gizmo run around and play with all of our new friends. Then we sleep on the way home. Mom got a camcorder, so she's making lotsa movies already. I'm a STAR!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dog Tired

My papa was watchin football on the tv and momma decided she wanted to take a nap. The Saints won their game, so what else was there to watch?! Geaux Saints!!

Well, momma laid down and I had to snuggle with her cuz I needed my nap, too. I guess papa's as bad with the camera as momma is. Do you think he got my good side?