Thursday, December 14, 2006


Well, my friend Beasley tagged me so now it's my turn to tell you all 6 weird things about me...

1. I will do ANYTHING for cheese! Really, anything! I love the stuff!!

2. When I get on the couch, I like to lay right on top of Gizmo. He growls a lot, but I'm bigger and so I just don't move. Sometimes he will look at momma like he's saying "save me" and momma kinda laughs and makes me move.

3. I like to lay right at my papa's feet and let out an SBD (silent but deadly) fart. Momma always fusses at papa cuz she thinks it was him!! hehehe

4. I love to chew on my momma's shoes. She kinda fusses me for it, but I think they're yummy! I've chewed up three pairs so far!! Pretty good, huh?!

5. If anybody goes in that people room where they potty, I have to go too. If they close the door I will paw at it and Wooohoo until they open it again! I must be everywhere the people are!

6. I love to go for rides in mommas expolorer. But when we get home again, I won't get out! I lay there on the backseat with my most pitifulest face and don't move until my papa has to come carry me into the house!

Well, ther you go! I'm not that weird, huh? Well, now I'm gonna tag Bugsy, Tyson, and Amber's bunch!


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