Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Tag

Well, two of my new friends, Baily and Lola, tagged me. I have to think of 3 things I want for Christmas and 3 things I don't want for Christmas. Hmmm, lemme see

Well, I want:

1. Treats! Treats! and more Treats! (That's 3 things, right?)
2. A great big, juicy steak!
3. To run down the street and play with the other doggies again!

I don't want:

1. Momma to tell me to get offa her bed no more
2. To wear that silly bandana like Gizmo has
3. Momma and Papa to make me quit diggin in the dirt...it's so much fun!

Well, I'm gonna tag Zoe-N-Dex, Poseidon, Hanna Banana, Bugsy, and Beasley

Woohoo, and Merry Christmas everydoggy!


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